A Conversation with Nothing

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N: Are You Prepared To Be Nothing? Nothing. No one notices you. You are not at the top of your game. You are not a sensational failure. You are just…Nothing. You live your life from one end to the other as a person in the moment, in no rush to finish, achieve, create. You get no awards, you may live quietly and happily from start to finish with little or no recognition- striving for nothing, making no effort. You may never be rich, never win, never be a trailblazer in your field. 

Being nothing means you can access the infinite- because you have no concept of the limitations of time- no rush to complete something in this lifetime. Polarity does not exist when you are willing to be Nothing- how can Nothing fight with something? How can Nothing champion something? Nothing can be anything; in any moment, as and when required. Nothing can lead the world if required with no point of view- because Nothing can be everything. Are you asking to be Nothing?

ME: How does being Nothing tie in with choosing a life that delights me?

N: You have nothing to prove to anyone so it doesn’t matter what you choose. You don’t have any point of view that you have to get it right, nor do you have a problem with anything being wrong.  In fact, Nothing does not judge things as right and wrong so in fact you can choose anything in any given moment. Being the space of Nothing you contribute to the world and everyone in it just by existing. So in fact, it doesn’t matter what you choose as it bears no relation to the contribution you are being in any given moment.

Nothing can choose whatever creates the most no matter what it looks like from the outside, as Nothing has no requirement for validation. Nothing is a space from which to explore new horizons and directions previously hidden.

Me: To be prepared to be Nothing- so that means to be prepared to be great?

N: Nothing would do what is required in each moment without a point of view of how others see it. Greatness is a judgement from the outside or, if it is from the inside, then it is a judgement that you are less-than. 

Me: What if it scares me to be great?

N: Then you are not prepared to be Nothing.

Me: How do I become Nothing?

N: You already are nothing, it is merely for you to recognise this.

Me: How do I recognise?

N: By letting go of your addiction to busy-ness, to striving, to struggling. By asking and demanding of yourself that all is ease and effortlessness.

Me: So if I truly do nothing all will be provided for me?

N: No, only if you choose to BE Nothing. Being Nothing may mean that you are very busy, busier than you have ever been. Equally it may not.

Me: Is there an easy way to be Nothing?


Me: Stop what?

N: Whatever it is you’re habitually doing. You do one of two things: what you’ve always done, or the opposite. Are you aware that there are a million other choices and it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you be something different?  Doing different isn’t enough; this is where you have been mistaken before. If you do something, however different, without being something different, you will always end up with the same result. 

Me: So how do I BE something different?

N: There is a letting go that is required. How comfortable are you with space and emptiness? You could start there. Become curious about space and emptiness. They say nature abhors a vacuum…that’s a human saying- nature actually loves a vacuum. It allows for newness, change and transformation. Can you love a vacuum, a space, an emptiness? Can you be curious about it and be the gardener who then plants a seed and is curious about what it will become? A gardener who doesn’t dig the seed up because nothing is happening? Can you be aware that in every nano-second some tiny change is occurring? You can just choose to be aware of tiny changes.

Me: That’s it?

N: Yes.

Jessica Summers is a hypno-psychotherapist who made a glorious discovery: people don’t need experts, modalities and systems. What they need is a space where they can lean into what they’ve decided they can’t face. Addictions, distractions, problems themselves disappear and she does very little other than be her vulnerable self (which is her superpower). Her podcast, 'The 29th Day' explores total freedom and how to be the god of your own reality. She now lives in Montenegro between the sea and the mountains where she explores relationships and the power of vulnerability. jessicasummershypnogenics.com


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