Allowing Life To Reveal, Florian Schlosser

Florian Schlosser will be speaking at SAND Italy 2016


The Absurdity Of Self-Improvement
If you are involved in self-improvement, you are working on something that is not your concern. The way you are is not your problem. When you take it as yours, your whole system shifts into ‘I need to solve a problem’. There is nothing to solve; there is only something to see. When your whole system shifts into ‘me’ mode you lose almost everything of value. There is no brightness and no fun, and no real contact is possible. The moment you start to be real – start to be yourself – you meet yourself. When you meet yourself, everyone feels met. To meet yourself is to rest in the experience of now. There is no-one there trying to meet; there is no-one trying to be available. It is just availability. You cannot do it. It is a natural consequence when you give up the doing. Be what you love instead of talking about what you would like to be.

Being Free In Relating Intimately
An intimate relationship is a space in which all thoughts, feelings and sensations – including the darkest places in ourselves – show up. These darkest places cannot show without such a relationship. Awareness penetrates every obstacle when we meet each other in the space of awareness rather than from a personal standpoint. A close relationship shows you just how enlightened you really are. It is not about solving problems or getting rid of pain. It is about living with dignity and with a sense of fully owning your personality, patterns and pain; blaming no-one – not even yourself. Life to me is not a big supermarket where I can use anything and everything to get rid of my pain. It is a rare opportunity in gentle humility to experience what destiny wants and to carry this in love for truth. Life is not about getting what we want, but gently living what is meant to be.   


Allowing Life To Reveal
The circumstances of life are never the problem. Every problem you ever had was nothing but a contraction you tried to get away from. Can you be the space for an unsolved issue, without making a choice? Then awareness can explore. The situation can reveal its own solution to you, without your getting involved.

Living as Love
Gently be willing to let the heart break. It is not about being a victim; nor is the breaking of the heart confined by romantic notions. It is about gently allowing ourselves to be touched by whatever is at the core of being. It is about allowing the heart to be naked. The capacity to be unconditional love increases where the sense of doership dissolves into pure awareness and pure response.

Thank you
Are you constantly arguing with reality because you think you know better? This is the way most people live most of the time. When we see through the belief, we can be grateful. Perhaps for the first time in our lives we can be generously and gently grateful: ‘Thank you for this moment’. Then instead of life being an expression of subtle complaining, covered up with some nice spiritual icing sugar so that it is not quite so painful for you and others, life becomes an expression of genuine ‘thank you’.


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