A Taste of SAND16 – An Evening of Devotional Music and Poetry

Join us at SAND16 for Friday evening program Featuring Deepak Chopra and Fanna-Fi-Allah (Sufi Qawwali Music)

Fri. Oct 21, 2016 8:30pm – 10:30pm PDT, Price $35
Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Ave.
San Jose, CA 95136


An exceptional evening of devotional artistic expression. To open the evening, Deepak Chopra will read poems from Rumi, Hafiz, and Tagore. Some of these poems have been translated by Deepak and have never been presented in public before! Following this unique presentation, we feature a concert with Fanna-Fi-Allah, a devotional music ensemble presenting the ancient Sufi tradition of Qawwali with deep devotion, passion & ecstatic rhythm.

Qawwali music celebrates the great Sufi mystics of old, and relishes in the love of the Divine through poetry. Sung with a powerful and soaring melodious chorus and accompanied by entrancing energetic rhythms of tabla and group clapping, the Beloved is celebrated with ecstatic devotion.

**This evening is part of the Science and Nonduality Conference**


The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

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Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises

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Gabor weaving Johnny Cash and the Buddhist 'Dhammapada'

How Brave You Are

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How brave you are for slowing down

Across Lines: Grief

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How do we catch people where they fall? How do we respond to this crisis in a way that doesn’t reinforce its architecture? What kind of politics is being summoned at this time?

#63 Ancestral Constellations

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Efu discussed her methods integrating ancestral wisdom from her Snail Clan in Tanzania, somatic therapy, and family constellations

Mysteries, Yes

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Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood

Gaza and the Human Soul

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Presidential candidate Cornel West and author Gabor Maté met for the first time this week to discuss the horrors of Israel’s war on Gaza.

Abrahamic Mysticism: A Shared Heritage

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A history of the weaving of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Mysticism

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