A Wave-Particle Certainty Principle

Today we share recent poem shared with SAND in response to the film Where Olive Trees Weep.

I would like to extend my eternal gratitude for your work. The film is beautiful and all the contributors are such authentic refreshing, impassioned voices. In the midst of all the ongoing global horrors and escalation of violence I was enormously uplifted upon discovering your website, the film and talks on Palestine as well as others

—Leila Slim LLB LLM LPC
Porto Rafti, Athens, Greece

A Wave-Particle Certainty Principle

The sun rises in merciless contemplation
Silvering a still-sleeping Mediterranean Sea.
Monastic bells bounce off bosoms of topless hills
Reflecting over islands to the East and ‘holy’ land,
Calling the mourning morning mist to lift the lid.
To lift the leaden-lid of loss and enlighten-up
Enlighten day the same as any other day
Photons and phonons make up matter,
Play ping-pong with prayers for peace;
Dream-drunk A.I. generated generations
Waking up to the new-news, of a new world…
A world where we count our blessings not our dead
Where the wisdom of ancient olive trees still sparkles
Spreading rays of hope, despite a dirty-dogma dawn.
In this, the free world, a free world is waiting.


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