Alive and Groundless


by: Matt Licata

From the perspective of exhaustion and the longing for rest, it is compassionate to seek relief from the uncertainty, and to replace the groundlessness with something more stable. Honor the call to safe passage and something to hold onto. It is an act of kindness to practice self-care, to weave a new story, and to soothe an over-stimulated nervous system.

From the perspective of open awareness, groundlessness and aliveness are one. There is nothing to hold onto, nothing to “heal,” and nothing to transform. Life is overflowing at all times, exactly as it is, in and out of the core of the tenderness that you are. Each thought, emotion, and raw sensation appear within boundless, creative space, unfolding as pure sacred activity.

While the mind may spin in the attempt to resolve the mystery, these conundrums are of the nature of wisdom, and have been placed inside a temple within your very own heart. They are not meant to be resolved, only entered into. Inside, you will not find any answers. Only new levels of communion with the creativity of the question.

Inside the temple, you may come to discover the rest you are longing for will never be found in the activity of resolution, but only by way of intimacy with the contradictions.

Though the activity of love is infinitely tender and holding, in its essence it is everything. It is devastating as it is the end of one world, glorious as it is the beginning of another.

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