Are You Available?

photo by Ray Collins

I want to invite you to look beyond your thoughts, and through your longing, to the movement in you that is calling you back Home.

Are you available?

Today might be the day you discover both the flow and stability of your own being, a mountain of silence right here within life’s ever-changing form.  It may reveal itself and deepen itself in your own experience today.

Are you available?

Today may be the day when suddenly, some moment when you least expect it, all the thoughts of your mind cease, even for an instant, and you discover right there what you are.

Are you available?

Today might be the day when the bottom of the bucket just falls away, and there is no more container or box for any of your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your beliefs, or your dreams.

Are you available?

Today some deep pain that hasn’t been met may knock on your door for liberation.

Are you available?

Are you here for THIS moment?  Not the one you hope for tomorrow, or the one you wish hadn’t
happened yesterday, but for this moment, this one, this one—the only one that truly exists.

Are you here, available?

Maybe today is the day when your mind will look into that dark Unknown and be willing to continue to gaze into what you don’t know without trying to find words for it, or return to the known.  Today may be the day you decide to stay put and gaze into what you don’t know.

Are you available?

The Buddha was teaching in the form of the great Bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitesvara:  “Shariputra, form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form.”  Today may be the day when that voice becomes your own.

Are you available?

Today might be the day that the awareness within you looks up into the structure of your own mind and sees it for what it is.

Are you available?

Today may be the day that you simply listen, listen to the sounds of the world, when suddenly the boundaries fall away and there’s only This!

Are you available?

Are you here for what’s here?   Are you present for the gifts of THIS moment?

Today may be the day you decide to step out of your dream, step out of time, and leave the mind to its dreaming.

Are you available?

We are not available when we are expecting the moment to look and feel some other way.  When we’re refusing the moment we’re in, we’re not available.

Maybe today’s the day that one more cherished, core belief about who you are gets seen through.

Are you available?

Maybe today’s the day the fire of truth wants to burn through another illusion.

Are you available?

Maybe today’s the day Love wants to reveal that it has been knocking on the door inside your heart, just waiting to flow out?

Are you available?

a series excerpted from The Altar of This Moment


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