Be the Space

image: paul mulliner 2017

by Paul Mulliner

A cosmic field-consciousness organism in all space is experiencing life within every living being, everywhere in the Universe simultaneously.

One conscious space exists everywhere, inside and around us and it’s where all seeing, knowing and experiencing occurs.

Our brain is immersed in this cosmic field of all-experiencing consciousness, allowing each one of us a unique window into field-awareness.

If we tune in to this non-local, all-experiencing field, we can know intuitively that the conscious awareness inside us isn’t separate from that of other people and one conscious self exists in everyone, everywhere, at the same moment.

The deep, inner-core self in all of us is one cosmic field-self in all space everywhere.

This isn’t the personal ego-self we create for ourselves with our thoughts.

Our personal ego can be useful in helping us live in the world, but deeper within us than our thinking and the ego thought-construct, we aren’t our thoughts about ourself, we’re the no-boundary cosmic spatial consciousness which exists prior to thought and out of which thought emerges.

We can find an intuitive knowing of the presence of this cosmic field-self within us, by taking a focus of attention inward, into the inner core of our being.

As we touch into the presence of this cosmic intelligence within us, we can find a clear sense that each one of us, seamlessly within and as one with the whole field, has something unique to bring to the world, something essential to contribute to the whole of everything occurring everywhere.

The whole organism of cosmic intelligence generates life in the Universe out of the cosmic-energy substance of itself and knows all experiencing everywhere as one knowing.

This cosmic intelligence field-organism is alive and conscious and knows each one of us, and all of us everywhere, as a continuously generated expression of itself.

We seem to be living in a world generated by the continuously emergent transformation of cosmic intelligence into the cosmic-energy field-waveforms which we interpret with our human eyes, ears and touch as the observable Universe.

A capacity for non-local, intelligent coherence seems to be inherent in this cosmic field that is expressing itself as us and connects us all into the whole Universe.

Intelligent coherence means not only that the field-intelligence holds everything being continuously generated out of itself together as one whole, but that everything is dynamically correlated with everything else, everywhere within the field is dynamically adjusting to changes occurring everywhere else.

An example of this intelligent coherence and non-local dynamic correlation seems to have been recently revealed by research into the process of photosynthesis.

Green plants were seen to be able to process the energy harvested from sunlight very efficiently because an intrinsic capacity for non-local coherence in the cosmic energy/intelligence field, enabled all the potential energy transfer pathways in the photosynthetic system to be simultaneously known and the most efficient ones used.

An intelligent, dynamic-coherence, seemingly an intrinsic attribute of the field of cosmic intelligence, also seems to be at work in the astonishing synchronisation of the several trillion complex chemical reactions occurring throughout the human body every moment.

There are trillions of cells in our body and the chemical reactions occurring in each one of them reveal an extraordinary dynamic coherence in which precisely the necessary components for every reaction are continuously brought together at precisely the right moment.

This intelligently responsive, dynamic and coherent orchestration of cellular processes, in which multiple components of a chemical reaction are transported across a cell to precisely where they’re needed, suggests the presence of an organising intelligence throughout our body and in all space everywhere.

Consciously realising ourselves to be the continuously generated expressions of cosmic intelligence helps us find a larger sense of what it means to be human, less defined by our thinking about who we are in the world and more in touch with the deep one-being in all of us everywhere.

If we find time every day to let our thinking subside and take a focus of attention inward, we can begin to intuitively know a connection into the living cosmic intelligence which is generating the Universe out of itself.

If we pay attention to the field within ourselves, we can find a realisation within us of the coherence and non-locality within this field-intelligence, the way that it holds everything together as one whole and is aware all at once everywhere.

Our deepest self is non-local, the same one field-self in all of us, experiencing everything being experienced throughout the Universe.

Within each one of us is the whole conscious space in all of us.

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