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Butterfly Against the Wind

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“Consciously apply mystery to everything.”
—Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Tiokasin Ghosthorse, speaker, writer, activist and musician collaborates with visual artist Jadina Lilien on this 10” x 8” 86 page soft cover book, Butterfly Against the Wind. In this collaborative project, the reader is transported to the land of the Lakota, experiencing life on the plains today, while simultaneously remembering the history of the land and its people. The words and images go beyond the literal story of the Lakota, to the mystical reality where there is no beginning or end. The foreword is written by Martín Prechtel, a leading thinker,writer and teacher in the search for the Indigenous soul in all people.

“This art …Like cave walls stamped with the story of the heart, I transform the photographs into a land of whispered secrets.” 
— Jadina Lilien

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