Catching My Breath

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Poet Bilal Hafeez’s tremendous piece “Catching My Breath” is a luminous work woven with yellow threads of sunshine and impermanence. Bilal writes of the sights, sounds, recollections, and experiences of his family in Punjab, Pakistan, just southwest of the lofty Himalayas. He informed The Dewdrop, “[‘Catching My Breath’] is inspired by the beautiful mustard fields in the Punjab, and the power of insight into impermanence, coming out on the other side wiser, more compassionate, and more equanimous.”

I once crossed a pond with a dying mustard flower,
and it began to fall through my hands.

It told me to hold it up, to bid farewell to the Sun.

My arm raised the flower to the heavens,
and, thus, a curiosity splashed the canvas of the sky.

Now, rising before me, a silhouette crystallized,
the Sun’s glare darkened flower and forearm,
fossilized together, a shining shadow,
blackened pillar with a petaling peak,
eclipsing the sky.

So then my arm died too, and the flower still lives on,
or perhaps neither of those happened,
and I simply breathed,

Originally published on The Dew Drop.


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