Graceful Wave of Chaos - Science and Nonduality (SAND)

Graceful Wave of Chaos


by Francesca Mariano (participant at SAND17, Italy)  

Whirling, whirling
Reality is blurry
As I remain the centre
Of this moving stillness.
Graceful wave,
Of chaotic order –
Meeting at the core
Of what is,

Whirling, whirling
We are spinning,
As the planets do –
Aligned without question
Surrendered without fear
To what is –

And while the wind runs through my skin,
I wonder…
If the gods are spinning their garments in the skies,
Whirling, whirling –
They enjoy when we cease to walk and talk,
And stretch our bodies
Into the divine dance,
Hidden behind
The limited mind,
Allowing what is
To be perfect

Whirling, whirling
The fire of change
The bridge to the unseen,
Manifested beauty through the seen.
A scene of such magnificence
That I burst into tears
Of fear revealing love
Of diffidence becoming trust.
Undressing illusions,
Tasting the unspoken
Being one with what is


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