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Help Basel Escape Genocide

SAND has just launched a campaign to help a young man escape from Gaza to continue his studies.

After enduring almost six months of genocide in Gaza, our friend Basel has made the difficult decision to leave his home. Basel wants to complete his education with postgraduate studies; he wants to have a future; he wants to live.

We created this crowdfunding space to help Basel reach safety by getting him out of Gaza as soon as possible.

Basel is a lawyer. In the last months of genocide, missiles fired by the Israeli occupation destroyed his family home, the university he graduated from (Al-Azhar), the headquarters of his union, the legal consulting office where he was training, and Gaza’s “Palace of Justice” courthouse. He has lost many colleagues and friends as martyrs.

In Basel’s own words (translated from Arabic):

I know how my ancestors suffered during the Nakba of Palestine in 1948, as I come from the destroyed village of Al-Masmiya. I feel this same cruelty and bitterness in these recent months, when I was forced to flee from bombings several times with my family, when we settled in a tent that did not protect us from the cold, when we have not had access to good life in difficult living conditions with huge overcrowding of displaced people. Even water is difficult to obtain. We make whatever kind of food we have on the fire due to the scarcity of cooking gas. It is not a healthy life, neither physically nor psychologically healthy, and I have lost all the components of life.

Everything was destroyed. The home, the office, the union. And this violence destroyed my aspirations to build my future as a lawyer.

After deep thought, I decided to leave Gaza so that I might be able to build my future outside it. This was not an easy decision for me.

Basel’s Video of Their Destroyed Home

Basel (middle) with two friends, who have since both been killed in the genocide

Leaving Gaza is both very difficult and very expensive. Through coordination with a tourism company in Egypt, we have a pathway for Basel, a Palestinian passport holder, to get out. However, the coordination process and border fees required for Basel to enter Egypt cost over $7,500.

These costs involve:
$6,000 fee to move one adult out of Gaza and into Egypt
$1,500 for rent in Egypt

Basel does not have access to this money—so today, he places his hope for escape, survival, and a future in the solidarity of unknown friends.

As we fundraise for Basel’s exit from Gaza, we are simultaneously working to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, an end to the genocide, urgent access to aid in Gaza, and liberation for the Palestinian people. As this broader work toward ending the violence continues, we are striving to support Basel as he struggles to secure his future.

We are profoundly grateful for any help that you can offer him.


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