How Deeply Do You Want To Go ?

How deep do you want to goHow deeply do you want to go in your spiritual life?  Are you satisfied with a glimpse now and then of your true nature?  A retreat now and then to remind you of the power of Silence?  An intellectual knowing of a path, a teaching, or a memory of a past awakened moment—then it’s back to “life as usual”?

How much do you want to live from truth rather than think about it?  How much do you want to open your heart and let its love and compassion flow to yourself and to a suffering world?  How much energy do you expend trying to “pull the weeds” of your suspected egoic deficiencies, or holding onto the “flowers” of lovely, desired experiences rather than returning to the Ground from which the seeing and being of all moments spring?

What do we DO to keep alive our remembering?  We stop relying on memory of the known, and return again and again to being awake NOW, opening to the moment as it is now, paying attention to the undivided Ground more than weeds or flowers, and being willing to see more and more deeply the subtle ways our conditioned mind attaches, sometimes with great emotion, to its belief in a separate “self.”

Our home ground, our source, is always available.  We do not have to import it.  We do not create it, and we cannot hold onto it.  It is present in every experience. It is in the smile on your face, the frustration of a mind that cannot “get” what it is seeking.  It is here now in the taste of morning tea, the challenging boss at work, the beauty of a sunset.  It is here seeing, awaring, loving, being all moments, all experiences.  As you no doubt have discovered, it is easy to remain awake in heaven.  But what is awake is awake in the hellish moments as well.  And beyond any experience, there is our true source, “making everything shine.”

In reality there is only the source, dark in itself, making everything shine.
Unperceived, it causes perception.  Unfelt, it causes feeling.  Unthinkable, it causes thought. Non-being gives birth to being.  It is the immovable background of motion. Once you are there, you are at home everywhere.

—Nisargadatta Maharaj

© Dorothy Hunt, 2016


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