How to be Ultra Spiritual 12½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority

How to be Ultra Spiritual12½ Steps to Spiritual SuperiorityBy JP SearsSounds True, 2017

We all want to feel spiritually superior and want to feel it fast, so what could be better than a 12½-step program to achieve just that? I have been practicing JP’s fantastic program now for a mere three days, the time it took me to read this amazing book cover to cover – with breaks for trips to the yoga studio, the yoga clothing store, and the health food store, a couple of evenings at a meditation class and a weekend at an ayahuasca ceremony – so I can tell you it really works. And more important, people can see that it works. I was particularly taken with the practice of Next-Level Compassion. This is basically about compassionately accepting people not for who they are, but for what they can become, for who you want them to be. What an insight! A truly revolutionary teaching. From a humble master of contemporary spirituality – JP Sears.

If you missed JP at last year’s SAND Conference don’t miss him this year – and don’t let the fact that his stage presence has a way of convulsing your body into loud belly laughs fool you into thinking JP is a comedian. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What you experience is a pure and rare transmission, a master working on all your chakras simultaneously.

His recently published book How to be Ultra Spiritual is full of magnificent photos of His Enlightenedness, and awesome quotes which are yours for using on your friends without the least need for attribution. That’s a measure of JP’s compassion. For example:

“If an awakening happens and no one’s there to hear you talk about it, did it really happen?”

“If you don’t know who the most beautiful person is at Whole Foods, it’s not you.”

“Organic isn’t what it once was.”

Incredible. And so true.

I am very grateful to have finally understood the difference between ordinary humans and spiritual people. Where an ordinary human might say, “You’re not very conscious,” a spiritual person says, “I can see that you’re not very conscious.” Now it’s clear why I’ve been going wrong all these years.

And the difference between religious people and spiritual people? Where a religious person might say, “God will provide for you,” a spiritual person says, “The universe will support you.” That is so profound.

In all the deep teachings about Competitive Spirituality, Merciless Meditation and How to Bury Your Feelings, I was most excited by the test section at the end of the book, which confirmed just how far I’d come on the road to Ultra Spirituality. The multiple choice exam was in a class of its own, so to speak, and I didn’t have too much trouble finding my way up and down the criss-crossing snakes and ladders of the brilliant flow chart, which – no surprise – suggested that I too might actually have attained the ranks of the Ultra Spiritual.

I could go on and on mining the rich mother lode of JP’s wisdom to share with you, but I have to go iron my yoga clothes. I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I’m not giving my all to my aesthetic prep time.

Buy the book!


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