How to Heal

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Do not force the healing, my love.

Healing is always unforced.

It happens when the conditions are right.

When there is just enough love, attention, presence, slowness, trust.

When you aren’t trying to heal.

When you aren’t trying to awaken.

When you aren’t “trying” at all.

When you open your arms wide to the Now.

Fall to the ground.

Let yourself feel the rage, the grief, the loneliness.

Let yourself break. Let yourself feel worse, if you need to feel worse.

Speak your raw truth. Upset some people. Bring others closer.

But don’t force yourself, my love.

You have to let go of the result, the agenda, the goal.

And infuse your ‘unhealed’ experience with love.

Drench your pain, your sorrow, your longing with warm awareness.

Saturate the moment with yourself.

You have to create the conditions for healing,

but you cannot do it.

The ego will rebel at this news.

Your heart will rejoice.

Mysterious forces, ancient and unspeakable, do the healing.

You only have to get out of the way.


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