Knowing the Unseen Cosmic Organism

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In recent years, many attempts have been made to explain how the large cluster of neurons and synapses in the human brain produce or generate consciousness. Some theorists propose that the synaptic mesh, or indeed the neural web of ‘microtubules’, is sufficiently complex for the extraordinary qualities and capabilities of human consciousness to somehow emerge spontaneously. This approach leaves unsolved the persistent issue of coherence.

How do we explain the unity and coherence of both conscious awareness and perceptual experience? How does the brain function as a whole?

Perhaps the human brain, rather than generating consciousness itself, is like an antenna, tuning in to a field of consciousness in all space in the Universe? Rather than seeing each human brain as an isolated system, entirely separate from the space that surrounds it, we might consider the possibility of a cosmic consciousness and spatial-orchestration field both inside the brain and all around it in all space everywhere. After all, the presence of a field of non-local cosmic energy throughout all space in the Universe is well known to science.

It’s entirely possible that this cosmic energy field is also a field of cosmic intelligence and consciousness and that its intrinsic property is self-knowing awareness. Co-existing with the brain in the cranial space is a field of consciousness that extends across the whole Universe and inside all of us. Taking a focus of attention inward into this cranial space allows us to intuitively realize that our apparently separate personal consciousness is actually one spatial cosmic awareness inside all of us, a field of consciousness that we all have access to while we’re alive.

As we tune in to it and participate in the knowing that cosmic intelligence has of itself, we can begin to realize that each one of us is always known and included within this all-experiencing consciousness field-organism.

That the whole Universe is emerging continuously in real-time from an underlying field of cosmic intelligence and consciousness is an ancient insight that many people throughout history have known intuitively.

Cosmic intelligence is continuously transforming the stuff of itself into the observable Universe, spin-patterning itself to create the clusters of localized vibrational deformations of cosmic energy which we interpret with our human senses as material form and living beings. As it transforms itself into everything known and knowable, it experiences everything occurring everywhere within itself. Perhaps cosmic intelligence is generating sentient living beings within itself so as to express itself, experience itself and know itself.

It seems that the streaming-flow emergence of cell biochemistry within every living being is like a dynamic quantum-holography emerging continuously from the underlying field of cosmic intelligence. This cosmic intelligence seems to be making itself visible to itself, continuously generating conscious living beings by transforming cosmic energy in realtime into the field-excitation clusters we observe as the molecules of body cell biochemistry.

Inside our body there are around a billion protein molecules inside each of perhaps 37 trillions of living cells. Proteins are being continuously generated from their constituent amino acids and as every protein is formed it almost immediately assumes the very complex 3D shape which is associated with its particular function. Out of the very large number of possible 3D shapes for a given protein, the single most efficient shape for a particular function emerges very quickly. Different shapes aren’t tried out randomly until one fits.

An unseen organizing influence in all space everywhere seems to be orchestrating the protein folding process, dynamically structuring the clusters of localized cosmic-energy field-excitations we describe as protein molecules. The field of cosmic intelligence-energy is generating nano-scale spin-excitations within itself, transforming the substance of itself, continuously in real-time, into the clusters of localized vibrational deformations that we observe as a protein molecule in the process of folding.

In every human body cell, this cosmic intelligence-energy also seems to be intelligently orchestrating a very large number of coherent interactions between billions of protein molecules. Coherence here is an expression of the reality that biochemical reactions in a living cell hold together as one interwoven whole, seemingly connected into, and emerging continuously from, a single intelligent space.

It’s also possible that this same non-local field-orchestration generates a seamless and coherent perceptual experience from spatially separated neural signals that process visual and aural data in the human brain.

That cosmic intelligence-energy may be continuously generating us in real-time out of itself, allowing us to tune in to a conscious awareness of its presence, helps us begin to see ourselves in a different way than we’re used to.

Throughout history, human beings have often seen themselves and their world through the lens of a personal ego which creates a thought-generated separation between each one of us. It’s possible though, and actually quite easy, to focus our attention less on the incessant ego-oriented thinking that emerges within us, but on the silent spatial awareness inside our cranial space and throughout the Universe, out of which all thinking seems to be emerging.

We can find within us the intuitive realization that our conscious awareness is one seamless cosmic field of consciousness, simultaneously present in all of us everywhere. We can begin to see and know each other as the co-arising, continuously generated expressions of this one cosmic field-consciousness and this can help dissolve the separation-thinking that emerges around the need our ego has to create a thought-boundary around itself.

Ego emerges within us from childhood, partially in response to the need for a defined self-center within the continuous flowing emergence of now.

Using an inner directed focus of attention to find the presence within us of a spatial conscious awareness helps us accept the continuous transience of every moment, and as a consequence we can identify less with the thought created ego. We can more easily allow ourselves to be consciously present within continuous change, fully present within the dynamically unfolding, continuously emergent transience of now.

Becoming transparent to the continuous emergence of now helps us also be more available to others. We can realize and know intuitively the one cosmic field-self present in all of us everywhere.

What we are, at the core of our innermost self, is what is looking through all of us into the world.

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