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Thursday Oct 24th 2013


7:20pm – 8:00pm
DEEPAK CHOPRA – What Is Consciousness & Where Is It? [tippy img=“https://scienceandnonduality.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/info_btn.jpg” height=“400” width=“500”]DEEPAK CHOPRA – What Is Consciousness & Where Is It?

What is the fundamental activity in the universe? Although neuroscience has made enormous progress in looking at the brain correlates of subjective and objective experience, there is still no theory on how we experience mental or perceptual reality. This is known as the “hard problem” in consciousness research.

  • Is there a scientifically viable way to explain consciousness?
  • Does mainstream science have the methodologies to address this question?
  • How do we explain intention, insight, intuition, imagination, creativity, or free will?
  • Is free will an illusion?
  • Are there states of consciousness that go beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping?

Wisdom traditions speak of higher states of consciousness such as soul consciousness, cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness, and unity consciousness. Is there a way of understanding these states or validating them scientifically? Is our current science which is based on a subject/object split equipped to answer these mysteries? What is the nature of the universe? What is the of nature awareness that makes it possible for us to experience the universe?

Deepak will address these questions as well as and others cosmic riddles in a talk followed by a panel conversation with Rudolph Tanzi, Menas Kafatos and Lothar Schäfer.


8:10pm – 9:10pm
Panel conversation “What Is Consciousness & Where Is It?” with RUDOLPH TANZIMENAS KAFATOS and LOTHAR SCHÄFER, facilitated by DEEPAK CHOPRA

9:10pm – 9:20pm

9:20pm – 10:20pm

Friday Oct 25th 2013


PL2. Perception And Reality

9:00pm – 9:15pm

9:20pm – 10:30pm
HAMEED ALI (A. H. ALMAAS), Ph.D., Founder of the Diamond Approach – Perception and Reality

C1. Exploring Consciousness and Perception

11:00am – 11:25am
CATHERINE PÉPIN, Ph.D, Theoretical Physicist – Spiritual Insights in the Interpretation of Mass, Space and Time

11:30am – 12:30pm
Conversation with HAMEED ALI (A. H. ALMAAS) and RUPERT SPIRA – Exploring the Nature of Consciousness and Perception, moderated by ZAYA BENAZZO


C6. The New Spirituality

2:00pm – 2:50pm
Panel: The Implications of a Universal Spirituality with MATTHEW FOX, EDWARD BASTIAN and RORY MCENTEE moderated by KURT JOHNSON

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Panel: Spiritual Teaching, Psychotherapy, and the Quest for the Truth with PAMELA WILSONJOHN PRENDERGASTKAREN JOHNSON and ELLEN EMMET moderated by GAIL BRENNER

PL 3. Wisdom from Our Spiritual Ancestors and Half a Century of Consciousness Research

4:15pm – 4:35pm

4:40pm – 5:25pm
MATTHEW FOX, Ph.D., Author & Theologian – Perceptions that Can Rock Our Worlds: Wisdom from Our Spiritual Ancestors

5:30pm – 6:15pm
STANISLAV GROF, Ph.D., Psychiatrist – Revision and Re-Enchantment of Psychology: Legacy from Half Century of Consciousness Research

6:20pm – 6:30pm

Saturday Oct 26th 2013


PL 4. The Self and Other Illusions

9:00pm – 9:40pm
DONALD HOFFMAN, Ph.D., Cognitive Scientist & Author – Consciousness and the Interface Theory of Perception

9:50pm – 10:30pm
SUSANA MARTINEZ CONDE, Ph.D. – Champions of Illusion

C11. Psychedelics and Perception

11:00am – 11:25am
JAMES FADIMAN, Ph.D., Author & Researcher – The Very Best Tools There is: Psychedelics and the Study of Perception

11:30am – 12:30pm
Panel: Psychedelic Research and the Self/Nature Boundary, Doug Robinson, DIANA SLATTERY Ph.D., STANISLAV GROF, M.D. – moderated by JAMES FADIMAN, Ph.D., co-sponsored by MAPS


C16. The Science of Perception

2:00pm – 2:40pm
CHRIS FIELDS, Ph.D., Independent Scientist – Forget Emergence: Perception as Entanglement

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Panel: The Science of Perception with SUSANA MARTINEZ CONDECHRIS FIELDS and DONALD HOFFMAN, moderated by NICK DAY

PL 5. The Nature of Perception

4:30pm – 5:05pm
STEPHEN LABERGE, Ph.D, Founder of The Lucidity Institute – Perception, Dreaming, and Awakening

5:10pm – 5:45pm
LOTHAR SCHÄFER, Ph.D., Prof. of Physical Chemistry (Emeritus) – Quantum Reality and the Spiritual Mind

5:50pm – 6:30pm
RUPERT SPIRA, Teacher – The Nature of Perception

6:30pm – 6:40pm
A day in the SAND box with PUPPETJI

Sunday Oct 27th 2013


PL6. Revolutions in Perceptions

9:00pm – 9:40pm
DEAN RADIN, Ph.D. – Was Buddha Just a Nice Guy

9:50pm – 10:30pm
CHARLES EISENSTEIN – Scientific Heresies: Heralds of a Nondualistic Mythology

C21. The Context of the Human Body

11:00am – 11:20am
ELISSA EPEL, Ph.D. Embodiment: How the outside world affects the inside


C26. Fearless Science

2:00pm – 2:55pm
CASSANDRA VIETEN, Ph.D. – Fearless Science

3:00pm – 4:00pm

PL 7. The New Science and Not-Knowing

4:15pm – 4:40pm
Music: LAURA INSERRA, Hang Drum

4:45pm – 5:25pm
FRANCIS LUCILLE – Innocence and Spontaneity of Not-Knowing

5:30pm – 6:20pm
MENAS KAFATOS, Ph.D, Professor of Computational Physics and Director of Excellence at Chapman University – Observer-Based Science

6:20pm – 6:30pm


#64 AI and the Global Brain

Podcast with

Trying to wrap our minds, hearts, and bodies around the rapidly evolving field of AI

The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

Article by

Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises

It All Goes Down in Your Mind

Video with

Gabor weaving Johnny Cash and the Buddhist 'Dhammapada'

How Brave You Are

Poem by

How brave you are for slowing down

Across Lines: Grief

Video with ,

How do we catch people where they fall? How do we respond to this crisis in a way that doesn’t reinforce its architecture? What kind of politics is being summoned at this time?

#63 Ancestral Constellations

Podcast with

Efu discussed her methods integrating ancestral wisdom from her Snail Clan in Tanzania, somatic therapy, and family constellations

Mysteries, Yes

Poem by

Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous to be understood

Gaza and the Human Soul

Video with ,

Presidential candidate Cornel West and author Gabor Maté met for the first time this week to discuss the horrors of Israel’s war on Gaza.

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