My desperate and sad prayer

Poem by

I pray…
I pray for Israel.
I pray for Palestine.

I pray for all of us now.

And if you condemn me for taking sides,
or judge me for not taking sides,
then maybe you don’t understand
the depths of this love.

Because love itself is the prayer.
And the one who prays.
And the longing and the light.
And the darkness and the answer.

And so I pray for you too.
For all of your conflicting parts.
For all the children fighting within you.

And I pray for you to know
the Consciousness prior to identity.
I pray for you to know
the I Am itself.

Before I am a Palestinian.
Before I am an Israeli.
Before I am Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or an atheist.

Before division itself.
Before any notion of God or her absence.
Before time.

Before all of this began.
Before the world,
the joy and the sorrow of living.
Before territory and history.
I am what you are.

I am your rage, your grief, your loneliness.
Your fear. Your vulnerable heart.
Your powerlessness. Your shaking.
And through these non-dual eyes,
perhaps we can finally love each other.

In spite of our beliefs.
In spite of our ancient rage and our lust for revenge.
In spite of religion.
In spite of what the holy books
tell us to think.

You are my brother.
My sister.
My child.
My mother.
My father.

I pray for love to permeate the world.
Before it’s too late.

I pray for awakening.

I pray for Palestine.
I pray for Israel.

Before it’s too late.

I pray for all the children.
All the babies.
All the mothers and fathers.
Sisters and brothers.
Friends and enemies.

I pray for the end of hostilities.
Before it’s too late.

I pray for all those who are scared right now.

I pray that my small, sad prayer helps in some way.

Even in some small way.
Even in some tiny way.

I pray for you.
I pray for me.
I pray for us.
I pray…


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