Only One Question

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Q: I see that all questions can be reduced to one question. All questions come back to the idea of wanting to do something. What do you think?

Eric Baret: Of course! I have been there myself with my teacher Jean Klein. He had answered all possible questions. There were no more questions, but still there was this movement of energy asking, even though I knew there could not be any answer. In fact, I was asking him to make me shut up, it was very clear. The only answer was to shut up. But you cannot will this to happen, it can only happen through maturity. I see clearly that I cannot understand beyond the level of my understanding, that thinking only comes from pretending to be able to think, from claiming that we are able to understand by thinking. When one constantly lives with the understanding that thought cannot go beyond thought, that feeling cannot go beyond feeling, then what remains is what Meister Eckhart described as humility. It is the space where God Himself must be the background and the operator of what is. But as long as I want it, I cannot have it, because I believe I don't have it.
So, you must just stop pretending. When I ask a master what I should do, I assume that it is not done. This claim prevents me from being honest, from being resonance, which is what I am. So, one should experience this fact over and over again, one should feel it and formulate it in many ways, until this fact resonates as such and the desire to ask comes no more—because there is nothing to ask. When you don't ask, the energy isn't dispersed and it can awaken in silence. But it is important to realize that all questions basically come back to ” what can I do? ” and that the answer is that there is nothing you can do. So, one must live with this fact and the clarity will come as humility: I cannot win, so I'll stop fighting. As long as I have the slightest idea that, maybe if I fight I can win, maybe if I go there it will happen, maybe if I live like that, or I don't live like that, or I do this or I don't do that, it will happen, then I deny my truth, I deny what is now. So, I live honestly with the knowledge that this urge to ask, which is the root of all activity in life, can only be what it is: a mere reflection of the truth. That is why asking a question is an expression of the answer, it is the opportunity to see that the question resonates from its origin.


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