Open Your Senses

By Matt Licata

Image by: image: Ilaria Saltarella

As embodied, sensitive human beings, it is likely at times that we will be asked to meet with waves of confusion, uncertainty, hopelessness, and disappointment. And in the wake of these feelings, to lose contact with who we are and why we’re here. To conclude that something has gone wrong and that we’ve been abandoned by grace. What was so clear only days or weeks ago is somehow no longer in reach.

While it is natural to conclude that these feelings are clear evidence that we’ve failed and fallen short, a hidden call is emerging within, attempting to reach us and to break through an old dream of partiality. While this surge of integration can feel achy and can take us to the ground, it is an emissary of surrender and a portal into reorganization. In order to step through, we must replace the movement toward resolution and symptom-relief with curiosity and new levels of attunement and self-compassion.

Look around. Listen carefully. Open your senses. There are images, feelings, messages, and signs, appearing out of the depths, with information for the creativity of ever-present rebirth. Through dreams, your imagination, pure vision, color, and sound – and through the drumbeat of the earth and of the heart – the doorways of the unconscious are opening, revealing wholeness in unprecedented and unknown ways.

Slow down, breathe deeply, touch the ground, and open to the possibility that nothing has gone wrong. From the exact place you are in, you can open and soften into what is presenting itself. Even if you cannot understand it, if the mind is spinning in its attempt to put it all back together, again, slow down. The heart knows. There is a primordial permission inside the earth to fall apart and allow things to be reorganized.

Underneath the ancient story of what is missing is an alive world of somatic information, inviting a new level of trust in your experience exactly as it unfolds here. The entirety of this material is valid, filled with life, and a luminous reflection of your unique path.

Provide sanctuary for the material of the unseen as it emerges here, and as it seeks communion with you in creative and unknown ways. Offer a home for it and for the lonely, the confused, the hopeless, and the disappointed. For these ones are not obstacles, but allies of integration, filled with meaning and reminders of wholeness.

In ways the mind may never understand, they are providing rest for the journey ahead.


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