We stand on sacred ground today.
Perhaps even more sacred
than yesterday’s ground.

I don’t know.

She outgrew her old form, she did.
She couldn’t be contained by her own form.
She is now bigger than she was
(Don’t trust your eyes completely my love).

See her now, ascended in fire!
Let your heart break, but let her go.
She was ready.
She wanted God
more than she wanted herself.

Our Lady. Our friend.
Returned to sky. Returned to ground.

Look under your feet. There she is.
Look into your heart. There she is.
Look into your memory. There she is.

Look everywhere
except where she once stood.

Even God’s houses must crumble.
Impermanence is the law,
rendering everything sacred
even before the sanctification.

It hurts. It hurts, I know.
But it hurts even more to hold on.

Our Lady. Our friend.
All the prayers you held!
The hopes and dreams of untold millions.
Mothers. Lovers. Fathers. Children.
All the secrets. The tears and the sorrow.
All delivered today in fire.

They say you are just a building,
but aren’t we all.

Destruction. Rebirth.
Water and flame.
The loss and the reconstruction.
The hope and the despair.

And this poor human heart,
trying to make sense of it all.

We stand on sacred ground today.
Perhaps even more sacred
than yesterday’s ground.

I don’t know.

Goodbye, my friend.


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