Remembering Marina Borruso

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Marina Borruso is a spiritual Teacher who has dedicated herself to serving others in pursuit of their inner freedom and truth.

She is unanimously recognized for her contributions in the field of human awareness evolution.

Eckhart Tolle says of her: “Marina is one of the people who has most profoundly understood my message … With her unique way of teaching Presence, she is making a significant contribution to the awakening of Awareness on our planet”.

She is a creative researcher; she has developed well-structured practices that allow living the awakening experience directly and easily:

“AWA” water meditation, where the healing powers of Water lead the being to flow towards the safe and joyful depth of one’s self.

The teaching of Presence through sound: living the Power of Now experience, by listening to sounds. A powerful practice, very useful in everyday life, it shows us how each sound is a means for letting go of freeing one’s self emotional conditionings.

Marina has translated all of Eckhart Tolle’s books.

She has published 4 books and the fifth is about to be published: “Taste the Now”, lets you enter into the Present, thanks to each bite and sip.

Living the Present has the power to liberate, and allows each being to emerge and for this, one’s natural qualities can shine. That is why Marina is surrounded by a group of brilliant, intelligent Teachers full of the joy of life and exploration. Teachers who aspire to serving humanity. These Teachers have spontaneously gathered, collaborating with her and among themselves, experimenting being together freely and creatively. Each one of them keeps his own independence and is in touch with his own nature in expansion, and each one follows his own path while holding hands together.

On her journey, Marina has received the love of various masters.

Osho, an oasis in the desert that has melted in a laugh the mirage of fear.  It was a bridge between an anguished rebellion in search of justice and the freedom of her passionate nature.

The Dao freed her from the narrow limits of certain religious stupidities giving her the key to a dimension of a silent and eternal Void.

Eckhart Tolle took her hand, opening the essential simplicity of Now. This encounter changed and inspired all her teaching.

Statement from Marina’s Facebook page
(Jan. 10, 2024):

Read this message in the deep silence of your being.

Today Marina Borruso left her body.
Marina has taught for many years, profoundly changing people’s lives, sowing light and love throughout the world. And now she is free from form and we can all be grateful for the gifts she has received by bringing that light within us.

Each of us has our own memories of Marina, and we know that many of us felt that she taught us, everyone.

The most important thing that remains is his thirst for truth, the strong aspiration for the liberation of all beings.

In this transition to absolute freedom Marina was accompanied with great love and she reciprocated by sending us words full of Light and Love whose energy we wish could also reach each of you.

Thank you for your presence and the trust you had in his teaching.
Please keep the light of the teaching within you and greet Marina in your heart with a smile and gratitude, without creating suffering that she called useless. Let’s live the teaching within ourselves!

It will be useful for all of us to maintain silence as much as possible and return often carefully to the body.

This page remains open and we will publish teachings made by Marina.

We are all One with her in a big embrace.

Marina’s Final Teaching on YouTube

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