Singing to the Darkness

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Patricia June Vickers presents a human story centered on the spiritual energy of respect as action that points toward wholeness.  Singing to the Darkness unfolds as a visual inquiry and integrative process, fulfilling her intention to help others to observe their authentic selves, especially all those who have been conditioned through the colonization of Indigenous People. Patricia’s soul catcher stories and meditations complete with twenty of her Nature-inspired paintings are just right to carry on your person and through your day.

A Healing Arts Gift to Trauma-Resilience Practitioners

Patricia offers Singing to the Darkness as a gift of hope to intergenerational survivors of sexual trauma, family pain, and the Indian residential-school legacy. Her “Indian” references are offered as a sign of respect to re-member the history of the oppression of the Indigenous People of Canada.

In his Foreword to Singing to the Darkness, Gabor Maté, MD, renowned for his compassionate inquiry approach to trauma, addiction, and childhood development, writes about his friend and this “jewel of a book”: “The writer and poet and deep meditator Patricia has found the path [to her authentic self] … and her ‘winged words’ illuminate our own way with the truth and beauty she sees there.”

“Soul Catcher”, Oil Painting by Patricia June Vickers.

A Healing Arts Gift to Trauma-Resilience Educators and Policy-Makers

The discomfort that Patricia’s inquiry generates is a central element of critical reflection and transformative learning — and is a Truth and Reconciliation process itself.  Patricia re-creates a pedagogy of liberation, drawing on the culture of her ancestors for the spiritual principles of respect; she echoes the writings of Paulo Freire on the critical inquiry cycle of reflection and action; and she deepens the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti on inquiry and the conditioned mind.

“Through altered state of consciousness work, we’re able to retrieve the parts of ourselves that broke away from trauma.”
–Patricia June Vickers

A Healing Arts Gift to Writers and Storytellers

Patricia’s unique adaptation of the ceremonial Feast Hall style for delivering her web of thoughts leaves space for the listener to make the connections from one concept to the next; it does not provide bridges between thoughts. A grandmother, artist and mental health professional, Patricia’s writing and art are deeply rooted in Indigenous healing principles of the northwest coast of British Columbia.

“This personal story runs deep and I was washed ashore to my own life experiences. This hope is what I need in my life and in these times — Indigenous resiliency!”   
Martin Brokenleg, EdD, co-developer, Circle of Courage training model

“I found myself climbing its branches to the solace of that small dwelling in the centre of the willow. And there I sat in the unknown. Although perched like a bird in the branches of the tree, my feet were standing on the shores of Gitxaala.”
–Patricia June Vickers

Patricia June Vickers, PhD was born into the Eagle Clan with Indigenous – Haida, Heiltsuk, and Ts’msyen – and British ancestry. Her scholar­ship and healing path have been shaped by the influences and echoes of both worlds. Patricia lives in Coast Salish territory–North Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is the owner of Indigenous Mental Health healing services, Raven’s Call (Enterprises) Canada Inc.

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Watch and listen to readings from the book launch with Patricia, Dr. Martin Brokenleg, and Dr. Gabor Maté


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