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Spanda: The Pulse of Consciousness

photo: Sergio Smiriglio

“Both dynamic and creative, this divine power is Spanda — the vibration of consciousness.”

The dynamic {spanda) character of absolute consciousness is its freedom to assume any form at will through the active diversification of awareness (vimarsa) in time and space, when it is directed at, and assumes the form of, the object of awareness.

The motion of absolute consciousness is a creative movement, a transition from the uncreated state of Being to the created state of Becoming. In this sense Being is in a state of perpetual Becoming (satatodita); it constantly phenomenalises into finite expression. The shining of inner Being is the manifestation of outer Becoming and, as such, is the constantly self-renewing source of its own appearing as Becoming. Thus, the universal character (samanya) of Being is expressed in the radiant form (sphuratta) of each phenomenon. Rightly understood, Being and Becoming are the inner and outer faces of universal consciousness which becomes spontaneously manifest, through its inherent power, as this polarity. The inner face (antarmukha) of consciousness is the pure subject which, devoid of all objective content, abides beyond the realms of time and space. The Stanzas on Vibration declare: “That inner being is the abode of omniscience and every other divine attribute. It can never cease to exist because nothing else can be perceived [outside it].”

Exurb from The Doctrine of Vibration, Mark S. G. Dyczkowski. Mark will be with us at SAND16 in Italy.  


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