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The Beloved’s Journey

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by Paul J Mills

The Beloved brings forth the universe to experience the Beloved in an infinity of ever-changing forms. Each form is the Beloved.

The heart of the Beloved fuels this manifest expansion, ever pushing new forms into existence, with each form seeking to awaken to the Beloved who created it. This is the journey of the Beloved awakening to the Beloved. The love of the Beloved is of itself whole and complete yet its very nature is expansion, to move and bring forth the other.

Human beings are utterly and unconditionally loved by the Beloved. This is not for anything that we have done or have not done, but simply because we exist. There is nothing we could ever do that would change that. Our existence is the gift of the Beloved to the Beloved. Our journey, within this sea of unconditional love, is to awaken to ourselves as love.

As human beings, each of us is unique in our capacity to know and express the Beloved. We know we are expressing our unique gifts in life when we help others see the Beloved in themselves. To be of service to love is to be of service to recognizing and manifesting love in form.

Humanity’s march through space-time is one of love seeking itself in form. Humanity has the opportunity to advance, to create a new form of love in creation. This will be a manifestation of humanity itself, a gift to the Beloved. This will bring fruition to the capacity of these human forms.

The mind, existing in consciousness, experiences the Beloved as “I am”; the heart, existing in consciousness, experiences the Beloved as love. The awakened mind brings cosmic understanding; the awakened heart brings cosmic perception, the experience of our body as the body of creation.

Even in the state of perceived duality, the presence of love is available to us as a means to help the mind overcome its belief in separation. Unlike the mind, it is difficult if not impossible for the heart to experience itself as separate, to believe in the experience of separation.

With the movement of awareness away from its identity with the bodymind, the sense of duality and individuality diminishes in an ever-growing expansion that ultimately embraces the entirety of the cosmos and beyond. The capacity for perception of the Beloved increases. Perception changes from seeing form as primary to seeing the Beloved as primary in form. Form remains in perception but becomes secondary to the ever-present unchanging stillness of the Beloved.

Since the love of the Beloved is the driving force of creation, knowing it means we are consciously participating in that most fundamental of creation’s purpose. Our own sense of purpose in life, however it manifests in each of us, is a reflection of that basic force of love to know itself, to see and experience the Beloved in all things, that is, to see and experience our Self in all things.


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