The Disappointment Of Love And Love


by Shakti Caterina Maggi

The quest for Love can go on for a long time. If you’re lucky, it disappoints you quickly. If you’re lucky, your heart breaks, and when it breaks the expectation that love comes from the other will be disappointed. The more this disappointment happens, the more your heart opens. The more your heart opens, the more you open to love.

Most people do not want their heart to break and so they go around with a broken heart. They go around with a closed heart, afraid to feel this wound – a wound that is actually already present. The wound they feel is the wound of not recognizing ourselves as love.

If, instead, you could open yourself up to a love relationship without the idea that love comes from the other, understanding that the object of love is the reflection of the love you are, you would use this relationship as a door that leads you to an infinite space – to a love that has no borders and has no conditions.

Did you notice that most people put conditions onto their love? The say I love you IF you stay with me forever, I love you IF you don’t look at other women, I love you IF you do everything for me, I love you IF you fill my needs, or, IF you do not realize my dreams then you don’t really love me. What they are talking about is not love, it is need! A love that is contained does not exist!

We set these conditions because we are afraid that, if we open up to each other, at some point we will touch some of the wounds that are within us. We are open only to the extent that we are not HURT. Yet, if we could consciously go through those wounds and fully open, this relationship would be an opportunity for us to open the heart even more. If you do not get in the way of this energy that flows with a person, if you do not create a barrier between you and me, you will find that there is LOVE, only love between you.

Love is not an emotion: passion, physical attraction, sympathy and caring are manifestations of love. Friendship is a manifestation of love. But true love is this empty space of consciousness in which there is no separation between you and I. And if we can meet here, if we can be this space of opening, then there is an eternal love between me and you.

Even if we never saw each other again, we would never be able to really leave each other. We would be eternally here as one thing.

We are One.


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