The Flower of Silence is Your Body

Poem by

A soul-friend said to me with yearning, “I miss the silence! How can I
find it again?”

This touched me deeply. It is the most important question, the most
mature question.Yet it is the question of a child yearning for Mother,
the question of one who could not ask it unless every particle of her
body was already pervaded by the answer!

Dearest one, do not look for silence with the mind. The mind is never
silent. Find silence through this body. Your body, not your mind, is the
gateway to samadhi…

Let mind dissolve into sensation, sensation into energy, energy into
emptiness. Then just listen.

Descend into the cells of your body. Feel all your molecules vibrating as
one sensation. This sensation is God’s delight in the body of the cosmos.
You are the stars, the galaxies, the infinitude of space.

Nature’s intelligence carries on the astonishing complexity of your cell
physiology without planning, without thinking. So let your mind repose
in bewilderment. Be wildered and witness the primal Radiance of your flesh.
Just listen to what listens.

Listen to the round empty bell of each cell. Honor your hollow places,
the caverns in the core of matter. Rest in the cavity of your mid-brain,
the space at the center of the eyeball, the void in your nostrils, ears and throat,
in your chest, heart, belly, and bone marrow. Your body is a temple of empty

Now be aware of the space in a single atom. At any point in your flesh, enter
that sub-nuclear vastness, the silence beyond the stars. Tumble down into the
the densest proton. It’s very density is made of emptiness. Fall into That.

The dimensionless point, the infinitesimal bindhu at the center of a quark,
contains the total information about every galaxy in the universe. Let these
gravity-waves draw you down into the groundless source of creation. Come Om
to the singularity of your Self, before the “big bang.” Rest here, “in the beginning,”
with the Creator.

Your mind is struck dumb with beauty. The particles of your body dissolve
into the hum of the void. Emptiness sparkles with virtual photons and electrons
of pure consciousness.

This is the womb of creation, where spirit and matter have not yet unravelled
into subject and object. You are not just listening to the resonant silence of the
void. You are the silence.


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