The Holy Passage

ACT I (The Invitation)

It is that time again, to give the master a visit.

I must return once again to that blessed ground, so that I may sneak out through the sliding doors and re-emerge in the field where I am no more.

It is that time again, to march toward that which calls me, to slide into that hidden dimension.

It is that time again, to break free of all conceptions and return to that beloved dimensionless point in which everywhen and everywhere is concentrated*.

It is that time again, to give the master a second visit.

ACT II (The Recollection)

This veil! It is transparent, and the beloved in plain sight. But I am blinded by what I’ve taken to be seeing. There’s a seeing that shows and a seeing that hides.

She is near and far, here and there, a yes and a no.

I want her by my side. I wish time and space would vanish for a moment so we could unite again.

I am so weary of this separation, weary of this face that has imprisoned the true nature of what’s recognized in our sublime encounter.

O’ beloved! We are a whole dreaming it has fallen apart. We are still in the garden of Eden but dreaming of being fallen and thrown into time and labor.

Let’s hold our roots together, let us become that garden again where the Adam and the Eve in us roamed free of forms and veils. Let’s love even the serpent for the sake of all sweet transgressions.

Come to me my love, my lost paradise. You are the object of all desires, and yet eternally united and even identified with the things that desire you. I know this, that our separation is only as solid as the fabric of my belief in that separation.

I am apart from you only to the extent that I am.

ACT III (The Ascent)

I have become world-loose again; warm and detached, I am nearing the sun that melts the shackles of these cunning appearances.

I have a foot in, a foot out; an elusive essence and a human mask, a wavelength and a momentum. I’m not in the world, and not of it, at least not tonight.

The world has drained me out of my Being to fund its own being; the being of the world is borrowed from me. But tonight I have taken back my lot, my existence, my full Being; and the world has become empty and null.

The world is a skeleton of my own ideas animated by the light of my Being. The world inside which I always find myself, tonight has found itself inside me, again!

Tonight, I have stepped outside this imagined river of Becoming, outside this human play. Tonight I see that I’m at once the this and the that, I’m the thief and the king, I’m the sage and the sinner. I’m at once all things and none.

Tonight, I’m home again: I’m the world-dreaming void who has woken up from this dream called being human.

Tonight I am everyone and everything, I am everywhere and everywhen.

ACT IV (The Descent)

We came upon a face concealed in the field,

One which sees in all directions but is itself unseen.

Our ride was an unborn longing, our journey long and burning,

Our company a fleeting scent from the farthest land and a thousand faces of the Self in the shattered mirror of the heart.

Now we have arrived! We have seen the unseen with a seeing of the highest order!

We have arrived at that overwhelming face whose piercing glance extinguished all longing and restlessness.

Oh friends of truth! This unborn longing has an end; this field has a face, and this heart bears a truth.

This truth! The mind is unfit to grasp it as a chalice is unfit to receive the ocean. Yet, there is an all-seeing eye in the heart of humankind that, if aimed precisely at that hidden door, can break through and  illuminate the majestic Face of that ever-present and yet unseen Reality.

This is the mystery of all mysteries: we have arrived home, only to realize we had never left.

ACT V (Nonduality) 

All things pass but the passing.

All things appear and disappear in the passing, but the passing itself neither appears nor disappears; it just is.

The Real is neither a this nor a that, neither a here nor a there; The Real is this passing, and this passing is all that is real. Truth is a verb!

This passing is eternal, for it transcends time; time is itself something in the passing and not the passing something in time. The eternal is not that which lasts indefinitely but that which is altogether outside time and free of lasting.

In this passing all things are constantly passing away, for that which is born must pass away; that which begins must end. But the passing has no beginning, so how can it have an end!

The Passing is the true nature of all things.

Whoever sets foot in the Passing must pass away. No reflection lasts in this turbulent ocean of the Great Passing.

When the Truth looks into the Passing, the Passing looks back at the Truth, and looks back in the form of the human persona, the disfigured God. But the face of Truth is concealed in the Passing, in Itself!

Behold this passing, for to awaken is to wake up to the Great Passing.

*Reference to Dante’s description of nondual experience in Paradiso

Submitted for SAND by Tomaj Javidtash, read more by Tomaj as his website and be sure to check out his book Non-Dual Perspectives on Quantum Physics

Photo by Al Butler on Unsplash


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