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The Life

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Life disappoints you so you stop living with illusions and see reality.
Life destroys all the superfluous until only the important remains.
Life does not leave you alone, so you stop blaming yourself and accept everything as “It”.
Life will take what you have, until you stop complaining and start to thank.
Life sends conflicting people to heal you so you can stop looking outside and begin to reflect what you are inside.
Life allows you to fall again and again until you decide to learn the lesson.
Life takes you out of the way and introduces you to crossroads, until you stop wanting to control everything and flow like a river.
Life puts your enemies on the road, until you stop “reacting.”
Life scares you and scare you as many times as it takes, until you lose your fear and regain your faith.
Life takes your true love, it does not grant or allow, until you stop trying to buy it.
Life distances you from the people you love, until you understand that we are not that body, but the soul it contains.
Life laughs at you over and over, until you stop taking everything so seriously and laughing at yourself.
Life breaks you down as many times as it takes for the light to penetrate you.
Life confronts you with rebels, until you stop trying to control.
Life repeats the same message, if need be with screams and tapas, until you finally hear.
Life sends lightning and storms to wake him.
Life humiliates you and sometimes defeats you again and again until you decide to let your ego die.
Life denies you goodness and greatness until you stop wanting goodness and greatness and start serving.
Life cuts its wings and prunes its roots, until it needs neither wings nor roots, but only disappears in the forms and its being flies.
Life denies you miracles, until you understand that everything is a miracle.
Life shortens your time, so you hurry to learn to live.
Life ridicules you until you become nothing, no one, to become everything.
Life does not give you what you want, but what you need to evolve.
Life hurts you and torments you until you let go of your whims and tantrums and enjoy your breath.
Life hides treasures from you until you learn to get out into life and get them.
Life denies you God, until you see it in everyone and everything.
Life wakes you, prunes you, breaks you, disappoints you …
But believe, this is so that your best will manifest …
until only LOVE remains in you


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