The Soul & The Sea

The Soul & The Sea by Benig Mauger is an exquisitely written book that invites the reader to contemplate the depths of their own being. Through vivid descriptions of the natural world and the author’s own personal experiences, Mauger weaves together a tapestry of poetry and prose that explores the interbeing of soul and sea.

The book is divided into several sections, each of which delves into a different aspect of the soul’s journey. From the opening section on “Soul Searching” to the final section on “Soulful Awakening,” Mauger’s words are imbued with a sense of wonder and awe at the majesty of the natural world and the human spirit.

Inspired by the sea and land around her home, Mauger draws from her own life experiences as a Jungian therapist and spiritual teacher to illustrate how connection to nature and the spiritual world can heal emotional wounds. In a time of spiritual awakening, emotional healing must move beyond psychology to be effective. As both a guide and a creator of a new portal for healing, The Soul & the Sea reads like a story as it charts the journey to healing through nature and spirit while serving as a tool for emotional healing and soul growth, showing us how to connect to our inner healer.

Benig Mauger is an internationally known Jungian psychotherapist, inspirational teacher and workshop leader. Author of many critically acclaimed books, she is a frequent speaker at national and international events on psychological healing, spiritual wellness and how to live an empowered and soulful life. A pioneer in pre and perinatal psychology, her groundbreaking book Songs from the Womb (1998) led to media exposure, seminars and workshops in the following years in the USA and Europe. Her books Reclaiming Father (2004) and Love in a Time of Broken Heart (2008) led to further appearances. Aside from her work as a speaker, teacher and author, Benig maintains a private practice. Informed by her own spiritual journey, her recent work and writing is aimed at helping others learn how to heal from within. 

She lives and works in Connemara, Ireland.

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