The Spirituality of Science

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Quantum particles, the foundation of the universe, are like naughty children playing catch me if you can with scientists in a game with no rules. How can one solitary particle morph to be both a wave and a particle? And, what’s causing it to be in multiple places throughout the universe, simultaneously? That’s nuts, right? How does it go through solid objects or go in more than one direction at the same time? As though that wasn’t crazy enough, two entangled particles instantly communicate across the universe? That would mean the message was traveling faster than the speed of light. Everyone knows that’s impossible, but it looks like they forgot to tell the particles.

Scientists were ready to blame the particles until they realized those silly things were just doing what they were told to do. As if all those feats mentioned above weren’t enough, the particles were mind readers too. Scientists have packaged all of this together and say they’re in a state of possibilities. Too cool! But the list goes on. When particles aren’t being used they flash in and out of existence between waves and particles, just waiting to be told what to do. The whole universe is a perpetual motion machine stuffed with electromagnetic energy.

So, how is anyone expected to make anything from this mess? Here comes the Higgs boson swaggering down the aisle to the rescue. The Higgs isn’t like other particles. It’s much heavier. When a bunch of them get together they create the Higgs field. There we find enough gravitation exerted on the lighter particles to drag them through this field. This forces them to slow down enough to be used in the physical universe.

No one could figure out what was going on until David Bohm came up with a suggestion. If they looked at the behavior of particles from a holographic position, it would fit with the particles’ conduct. And it worked. The strange actions of the particles fit perfectly.

Let’s see .… holographic images are spread throughout the film to produce three-dimensional pictures. This fits with one particle being everywhere, going through solid objects, going in multiple directions at once and communicating instantly no matter how far apart. Holograms also need a special light to view – otherwise, they look like the snow on an old-fashioned television. That fits with particles and waves flashing in and out of existence, and the Higgs boson’s work.

Since then several research projects have shown that the universe is indeed holographic. Juan Maldacena, Jacob Bekenstein, Leonard Susskind, Gerrard ‘t Hooft, James Gates, and Charles Thorn independently found support for the holographic model. And recent research has shown that the universe is actually flat. Karl Pribram also worked on the brain and discovered it too operated like a hologram. You know where this is leading us, don’t you? Right up to the door of consciousness.

Science has unsuccessfully struggled with locating consciousness – just can’t seem to find it. That’s ‘cause they’re looking in the wrong direction. While they are peeking under the carpet of the physical brain, they keep missing the spiritual aspects of our being. Most scientists would get their mouths washed out with soap if they talked about spirituality out loud.

The Global Consciousness Project demonstrated that our thoughts affect the atmosphere and can react to events before they even happen. The Max Planck Institute has done some amazing studies that show consciousness is alive and well. It has illustrated that there is an advanced message that enters the brain approximately seven seconds before we even know what we’re going to be reacting to.

So, if the universe is holographic, and our brains get advanced messages well in advance of what is going to happen, what does that tell us about ourselves?  We are amazing! I believe that these points verify our connection to the Source.

During a talk on TED, Ideas Worth Spreading, David Chalmers, PhD., a brilliant physicist and philosopher, proposed an interesting perspective. Based on those particles sparkling in the universe, the advanced notices, and particles responding to our thoughts, he suggests that consciousness is a fifth fundamental element of the universe along with electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Panpsychism is not a new concept; Buddhists have been singing that song for centuries.

Our consciousness is in an infinite constant flow. It commands the universe and has a constant link to the Source. Bottom line, we are simply magnificent and don’t realize it. Some people who have died and returned tell of entering directly into the Light. They realized the deepest understanding of all; the Light is our Home. It’s where we came from and where we’ll return. With unshakable certainty, they tell of being a part of everything that ever was or ever will be. Physically, Einstein’s law E=MC2 persists. We are energy that never disappears, it simply changes form.

As one with the Source, we’ve chosen to have a human existence, so the Creative Force can experience itself in a different way. Without creation, any creation, the Being of Light would know nothingness. We offer a physical reality that entails the ability to be born, grow up, age, and die. None of those things are possible at the spirit level. Shakespeare had it right when he said, “All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players.” We decide what that will look like through our choices.


Lynn has spent almost sixty-five years studying various religious philosophies around the world. That interest was topped off by her research of 2500 Near Death Experiences for Dr. Jeffery Long. Her interest in science began about forty years ago, and she remains fascinated with advancements and discoveries in multiple disciplines. Much of that time Lynn worked as a counselor, with well over twenty years giving workshops on a variety of topics.


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