In the beginning is Goddess
And Goddess is One
Source of All Things.

And She creates Her Self from Nothing
And out of Nothing She comes
By Magic

And the Goddess is filled with Joy and Love
And She takes great Pleasure in Her Self

And out of Her Self She makes Her Self
And the Self She Makes
Is Woman

And out of Her Passion and Nurturing Love
She makes the Breasts of Woman
Soft and sweet

And out of Her Power and Creativity
She makes the Womb of Woman
Warm and deep

And out of Her Joy and Pleasure
She makes the Yoni of Woman
Mysterious and inviting

And out of her vast Intelligence
She makes the mind of Woman
Ingenious, understanding and wise

And out of her flowing Wisdom
She makes the Blood of Woman
Filled with the forces of Life

And out of Her infinite Spirit
She makes the Spirit of Woman


A Wave-Particle Certainty Principle

Poem by

The sun rises in merciless contemplation / Silvering a still-sleeping Mediterranean Sea

Rumi’s Desert

Article by

A new take and translation on the classic poem by Rumi


Article by

At first the gods pitied the tortoise, known in Yoruba folklore as ‘Ijapa’, when he rudely declared before their divine council that he could know ‘everything’ there was to know about the world

Shrapnel Looking For Laughter

Poem by


Video with

A video from Palestenian music

Magic Died When Art and Science Split

Article by

Renée Bergland’s 3 greatest revelations while writing Natural Magic: Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, and the Dawn of Modern Science

A Female Cry

Poem by

A poem from imprisoned Palestinian poet


Poem by

Last night I dreamed / ten thousand grandmothers / from the twelve hundred corners of /the earth walked out into the gap

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