There is No Doer

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Q: Many times, I have heard you say, there's nothing to be done. And I've often wondered what that means. Because as human beings and as living beings, we tend to do things all the time. What do you mean when you say there's nothing to be done?

A: Doing happens, and then you appropriate the doer-ship, but there is no doer-ship. Things happen. When you breathe, you don't need to think that you're a breather. When your heart beats, you don't need to think that you're a beater. When you're digesting, you don’t need to think that you're a digester. These things happen by themselves. The same way, thinking happens by itself; there is no thinker, there is only thinking. The thinker is a thought of other thoughts. So, there's nothing to do actually means that there is no appropriation in life. Thus, you must give yourself to the fact that life is happening through you, but there is no need to pretend to be the doer. It's not that there is nothing to do, it’s just that things happen by themselves.  On another level, one could say that when we talk about understanding what is deep within us, this understanding cannot come as a result of anything. It is causeless. To taste the forefeeling of what we are, there is no need to take any direction, to follow any structure, because whatever we might want to follow will belong to the past, to the memory. What we're looking for is something unknown to the memory. Because what we are, we are it in identity, it is not an object of knowledge. So, on the metaphysical plane there is nothing to do, and on the practical plane, there is no doer. It is the same thing.

Q: There is no doer, then. It's just a doing, just involvement. I get it.

A: Even talking about a doing is still a kind of representation, because when you talk about doing, you talk about something that begins and ends. You talk about something, and actually there is nothing. If you look deeper into what you call the beginning of something, you will see that this beginning is not a beginning, it is a continuation, and what you call the end of something is not the end. Actually, it never stops. So, when we talk about an action, we must realize that what we call action is a mental representation of something which does not exist, because there is only oneness, and it's only our mind which says that it is an action, that it begins here and ends there. But it doesn't begin here, it begins at the beginning of the world, and it doesn't end there, it ends at the end of the world, which is actually the end of thinking. So actually, there has never been any action, from the very beginning. It's a way of speaking. When we talk about an action, it's a simplification, made up by the normal common sense. But there is no such thing as an action. It's a poetic formulation, which makes no sense. It's like when we say the sun rises in the morning. The sun does not rise in the morning. It makes no sense, but it's a conventional, poetic expression.


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