This second is already whole

Appreciating God is the same as appreciating the present moment. It is like watching a movie that you don’t want to end, you are fully immersed and engrossed in every second of it. It is not sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for the next moment to happen, but more of appreciating the beauty of this second.

This second is already whole. We are often subconsciously searching for wholeness, for something to complete us. Whether it is in a person, object, or experience. When we find these things, we experience fulfilment…a feeling of fullness…but usually for a temporary period of time. What we are actually experiencing is freedom from wanting anything other than the present moment.

This second is already full. This is how God loves life.

This also doesn’t mean we don’t engage in the beauty and joy of creation. I am writing this as a way to appreciate creation. But I am also writing this at a time in my life where I am already fulfilled…which means that everything I create is an extension of this joy of fullness (aka joyfulness) that I am experiencing. In other words: I am not seeking to take anything because I am only able to give.


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