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‘True Knowledge’ – Kabir


This, I’ve discovered, is true knowledge—

Those who scramble to get into a boat

Sink like a stone midstream,

While the shelterless and abandoned

Reach the other shore,

Those who dare to take

The hard, winding, thorny road

Get to town in the end;

Those who stroll the easy highway

Get robbed or even killed

Soon after they set out.

Everyone’s wound in illusion’s web—

The so-called “holy” as much as the worldly,

And those who run for safety

Under the comforting dais

Of form and ritual and dogma—

Well, life’s hurricane lashes them.

Stay out in the open:

You’ll be left safe and dry.

The ones Love never savages

Live in boredom and pain;

Those Love devours like a cannibal

Live in bliss forever.

The ones who lose their own eyes

Come to see the whole Creation

Blazing in their own Light;

Those who hold on to their sight

Remain blind as bats in full noon.

When I began to awake to Truth

I saw how bizarre and crazy the world really is!

Translated by Andrew Harvey and featured in The Diamond Cutters


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