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Waiting for Santa

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Many on the spiritual path rightfully long for a sudden point in time when a shift happens
that eliminates or greatly reduces suffering.
The reason those kinds of awakenings happen suddenly is because they occur out of the blue, unannounced.
And you can’t make them happen.
To do absolutely nothing but wait for a sudden shift to happen
would be like waiting for the real Santa Claus to finally show his face and bring presents.

Spirituality is changing with the help of research and science.
You have been told by many teachers that there nothing to do and no one to do it.
Although no self is a true insight, these teachings have distorted its true meaning.

What is really meant by no self is the experiential seeing that, when you look, you cannot find a self.
The no self insight is not an excuse to do NOTHING.
Our intelligence can inquire, examine, look and rest.
And these practices accelerate the deepening into presence, sometimes through gradual shifts and sometimes through sudden shifts. Don’t believe the hype of the old teachings.
It’s like everything in our world.

Things are constantly evolving – including methods.
Don’t get stuck in these old ideas perpetrated by dead and alive teachers who weren’t creative enough to help people
other than to encourage them to keep coming back to the teacher over and over again.
Don’t wait for the real Santa.
He may never come to bring presents or presence.


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