When the freedom of the earth is everyone’s business

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I spent five days in Amazonas, one of the nine states at the heart of the great Amazon! I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard: pain, hunger, thirst, dead fish and dolphins, fires, an increase in sick people, deaths in hospitals, smoke from the fires covering the cities, indigenous and riverside populations abandoned, no longer able to plant or have water, and live with dignity. Heat reached 52 degrees in some regions, burst power cables and transformers, burned down houses, increased food prices, and cats and dogs died.

What other name can we give to this environmental tragedy – imposed by the ruling class of ogre agribusiness, loggers, and miners – on the people of the Amazon, if not an actual war against the poor people, especially indigenous people and riverside dwellers who have always protected their territories?

How did we get to the point of almost “no return” of believing that capital/market/consumerism is more important than the human community, that of animals, plants, and water?

What widespread barbarity we are experiencing: while the forest agonizes and the land burns in fever, the agribusiness ogre gets absolution to continue burning, poisoning, polluting, degrading, killing, and without anyone’s control, it continues to be the biggest emitter of gases that cause the greenhouse effect?

The Amazon region has 20% of the planet’s freshwater, and its trees release vapor into the atmosphere, the equivalent of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant every 24 hours.

If this pace continues, in a few years, we will reach a process of desertification that will impact everyone on the Planet. We will lose our water sources and our fertile soils, in addition to the even more significant difficulties in the survival of human and animal species, with the loss of biodiversity, in a context where the poorest only fit into the “sacrifice zones” of capitalism!

This was shared by a friend of Science and Nonduality, Sandra Procópio da Silva, on the ground in Brazil from our recent filming there


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