You Do Not Need Courage

feet steps sand

“Today, take each step with courage!”

Or, take each step without courage.
It really doesn’t matter.

For the steps themselves are everything.
And either way you are alive and worthy.

See! See what you have been given!

The in- and out-breaths. This sense of being alive.
The ground under you. The weight of your body.
Everything falling here, everything supported, still.

The morning sunshine. The heat, the light,
the ferocity of the senses,
this erotic union with All.
The rawness of the afternoon flooding your own raw heart!
This tender presence radiating from the evening
and the power of your solitude.

The longing for home, finally understood:
the river was always flowing back to you.

You do not need courage, friend;
You only need yourself.

And a ridiculous trust
in your doubting.

– Jeff Foster


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