#20 Vibrating with Awe

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“The essence of the Universe is vibration,
quenchless energy in motion, e-motion.
My work is about experiencing the Source
and its manifestationthrough sound, emotions, and body awareness.”
~ Laura Inserra

​Laura Inserra is a sound alchemist, a technician of the sacred, and a multimedia producer. She lives and creates at the confluence of music, wisdom schools, and cutting edge technology.

She grew up on the volcanic island of Sicily and has been exploring the powerful world of sound since her youngest years. Both a self-taught and classically trained musician, her career has many facets — multi- instrumentalist, composer, sound healer, teacher, artistic director, and producer.

 Laura plays acoustic instruments from around the globe and combines them with wisdom practices to facilitate self-exploration, transformation, and healing. After 30+ years of studies and initiations in ancient traditions and modern schools of wisdoms, she has developed a unique practice called MetaMusic Healing, a blend of sound healing, spiritual guidance, and vibrational work.

​She keeps exploring and evolving her skills to fulfill the purpose of her life-path. Both with individuals and groups, Laura creates opportunities for people to connect to the pulse of life, to experience various states of consciousness, and to learn tools for a regenerative living and healing.


Music from Episode by Laura Inserra:

Excerpts from Laura’s MetaMusic Journey from SAND’s “Discovering the Wisdom of Trauma with Gabor Maté”

“Hang Upright” from Hang Tales Vol. 1 – live recording
“Unknown Path” from Attitude

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