#34 Conversations on Complexity

Podcast with

​​​“We are not walking through the world; we are interwoven with it. In everything we do, we participate in complexity.”
–Neil Theise

Neil Theise is a professor of pathology at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Through his scientific research, he has been a pioneer of adult stem cell plasticity and the anatomy of the human interstitium. Dr. Theise’s studies in complexity theory have led to interdisciplinary collaborations in fields such as integrative medicine, consciousness studies, and science-religion dialogue.

Neil’s new book, which we discuss on the episode, is Notes on Complexity


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:15 – Neil’s Scientific and Spiritual Background
  • 08:29 – Complexity and the Merging of Science and Spirituality
  • 15:48 – Complex vs. Complicated
  • 22:14 – Chaos, Fractals, and Emergence
  • 29:48 – Biological Emergence
  • 36:44 – Incompleteness Theorem, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness
  • 47:02 – Complexity and Resiliency

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