#48 Ancestral Healing

Dr. Daniel Foor is a ritualist and educator focused on helping others to reclaim their innate capacity to relate with their ancestors and with the greater web of other-than-human kin.

He is the author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing and an internationally respected teacher of ancestor reverence and ritual. Since 2004 Daniel has guided over one hundred multi-day ancestor-focused healing rituals in eight countries, reached thousands of participants through personal sessions and online courses, and mentored over 150 practitioners to facilitate the work of ancestral healing.


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:41 – Daniel’s Lineage and Ancestry
  • 05:03 – Genesis of Ancestral Medicine
  • 07:42 – Ancestor Work Along the Spiritual Path
  • 11:36 – Trauma and Ancestors
  • 18:00 – Animism
  • 24:36 – Descendants, Ancestors, and Captain Kirk
  • 26:10 – How to Begin Ancestor Work
  • 35:25 – Special and Not-so-special Ancestors
  • 40:58 – The Role of Ritual
  • 44:12 – Ancestor Work and Children
  • 48:34 – Ancestors Living Through Us and Addictions
  • 54:04 – Expanding Ancestry
  • 01:00:33 – Epigenentics
  • 01:05:14 – Connecting to Our Ancestral Lands
  • 01:09:50 – How to Connect

Hollowed by Grief, Hallowed by Grace

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