#54 Nordic Animism

Podcast with

Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen is a Historian of Religion, Ph.d from Uppsala University in Sweden. His research into Afro-diasporic strategies for maintaining animist reality in the modern world has lead him towards reading North European cultural history from the perspective of rejected animist knowledge and practice. The objective is to recover Euro-traditioanl forms of landconnectedness ecological knowledge and kinship with the greater community of beings. Rune has lived in a number of countries in Europe, Africa North- and South America and presently runs the platform “Nordic Animism”.



  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 2:39 – Christianity and Animism
  • 5:13 – Heart of Nordic Animism
  • 10:05 – Decolonization
  • 12:39 – Animism in Academia
  • 14:44 – Universal Animism
  • 17:50 – Bio-ancestry
  • 23:18 – Animism as a Spiritual Practice
  • 41:50 – Animism and Societal Problems
  • 48:00 – Animism and Trauma
  • 55:24 – Getting Started with Animism

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