#55 Cerebrospinal Fluid

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Mauro Zappaterra obtained his MD and PhD degrees from Harvard Medical School. He completed his PhD doing work with neuronal stem cells and the effects of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in brain development and in the adult. He is published in numerous scientific articles on the CSF and his work was chosen as the cover image for the prestigious Neuron Journal.  He was also featured in the New England Journal of Medicine in teaching medical students about living with life threatening diseases and in Psychology Today on an article titled “Joy: The art of loving life.”

You can view the video version of this talk.


  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 4:36 – Meeting Mauro
  • 9:14 – Connection to the Source
  • 15:46 – Third Ventricle
  • 18:18 – Where does this fluid come from?
  • 22:22 – Our Ancestral CSF in the Sea
  • 25:58 – Cleaning the Brain
  • 32:06 – Water and Veda Austin
  • 33:24 – De. Deep and NADI
  • 38:38 – Movement and Light
  • 43:34 – Breathwork and DMT
  • 51:51 – Yogananda
  • 53:14 – CSF and Energy

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