#81 Ecology of Care

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Reem (DRĖĖĖMY) Abdou is a native Egyptian international interdisciplinary sound artist, embodiment and meditation guide, curator, cultural worker, and community building founder of the inclusive global impact agency for women+ & BIPOC holistic artists: The Collective BAE. As an intentional DJ and spoken word poet, her work harnesses music, movement, and meditation to activate real shifts at the intersection of transformational creativity, social and healing justice, and ecosystem consciousness.


Upcoming projects:

  • Join The BAE (RE)MEMBERSHIPS: An Ecology of Care for Conscious Creatives. We’ll be launching a full training course this May.
  • The release of the 2nd EP: SALTWATERS in the Mother & Water project. It will be released this May.


  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 03:00 — Ancestry & Dream work
  • 06:45 — Communities
  • 11:19 — Bass Yoga
  • 17:19 — Gradients & Binaries
  • 23:17 — Ecologies of Care
  • 32:33 — Sacred Activism
  • 36:51 — Post-COVID Shift
  • 45:31 — Egyptian Lineage
  • 53:44 — Upcoming Projects

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But Ukraine is a country of the baroque

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