#87 Cultural Stories & Mysticism of Gaza

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A recording of excerpts from a live SAND Community Gathering hosted by Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo from Apr 20, 2024.

Storyteller Haneen Sabbah, a Palestinian Falahi woman and mother from Gaza, guided us through an experience of the vibrant and thriving place Gaza once was, before it became a pile of rubble. She transports us to the rich history and culture of this region through her enchanting drumbeats, meditations, and songs.

In this episode, we explore the connections woven into the very name “Gaza” غزة, unveil layers of history, traditions, and symbolism that this ancient land carries, discover the deep ties between land and people, and are reminded of the resilience that has sustained them through decades of challenges.

We share a vision of a once-again thriving and free Gaza.

Haneen Sabbah, a Palestinian Falahi woman now based in southern Portugal, is a writer at We Are Not Numbers and Global Voices, and an organizer, singer and storyteller at heart. She also teaches Arabic online to Israeli Activists and Jews who want to connect to their Arabic roots.

Having left Gaza in 2018, she moved to a community where she learned peace work and non-violent communication, which helped her advocate for nonviolent resistance with the Palestinian people. Shining a light on Palestinian culture with songs, food and stories, she is part of a dream circle of Palestinian and Israeli women who work toward supporting peace and the protection of life. Believing in the importance of inner healing for collective liberation, she leads a guided movement meditative practice. Her work is rooted in love.


  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 04:30 – The Place of Gaza
  • 18:50 – Stories from Gaza’s Past
  • 29:50 – “Halalaya” A Song from Haneen
  • 34:50 – A Story of Haneen’s Friends in Gaza
  • 41:28 – Life in Diaspora
  • 45:24 – Ways to Support Gaza
  • 48:51 – Final Poem from Haneen

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