#10 Nonduality and Postcapitalism

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Join Lynn Murphy and Alnoor Ladha in conversation with Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo about their new book, Post Capitalist Philanthropy: Healing Wealth in the Time of Collapse, as they explore the history of wealth accumulation to the current logic of late-stage capitalism — and ultimately to the lived possibilities of other ways of knowing, sensing and being that can usher in life-centric models. This ontological shift into new possibilities is at the heart of their work. Creating new-ancient-emerging realities is not simply about how we redistribute wealth or “fight power”, but rather, how we non-dualistically perceive and embody our actions in relationship to a dynamic, animistic world and cosmos.

The book is a result of decades of deep personal inquiry and practice, as well as hundreds of interviews with activists, philanthropists, philosophers, social scientists, cosmologists and wisdom keepers.

Website: postcapitalistphilanthropy.org

Order Post Capitalist Philanthropy here

Lynn and Alnoor’s work: transitionresourcecircle.org/

Post Capitalist Philanthropy Webinar Series (starting Nov 11, 2022) – transitionresourcecircle.org/events

From Palestine to the World (Excerpt)

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On the Global Struggle for Liberation We present the first 25 minutes of this important conversation from two living legends. This conversation is part of the release of the new documentary film Where Olive Trees Weep. The full version of the conversation

#85 In Our Bones

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Exploring the polycrises and her new book "The Story is in Our Bones"

Where Olive Trees Weep: Official Trailer

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No one is free until we are all free

On Palestinian Trauma & Resilience

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A response to the call of physicians Ghassan Abu Sitta and Rupa Marya to rehumanize Palestinians by reimagining healing, life, and liberation of both bodies and minds

Sermon for Gaza 

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This is a sermon Chris Hedges gave on Sunday April 28 read by Eunice Wong

#84 Grieving in Community

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A recording of a recent community gathering holding space for personal and communal grief.

Fear The Person: Koans

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One can walk up to an abyss and turn away from it but cannot return to a ledge after stepping over

Sacred Activism: SAND17 Panel Discussion

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Vera de Chalambert chairs a panel with four sacred activists.

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