Down the Rabbit Hole

Living in a Quantum World

A Four-Part Course with Chris Fields


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Even physicists tell us that quantum theory is deeply counter-intuitive, and that it suffers seemingly unresolvable problems of interpretation. Some claim that quantum theory is related to consciousness, free will, or spirituality. It is hard, however, to find a simple explanation of exactly what quantum theory is or what it says about the world. It is even more difficult to find a reason, beyond “it makes the right predictions,” for why quantum theory might be true.

This webinar has two goals:

1) to give you a deep, intuitive understanding of what quantum theory is saying and why it is saying it; and
2) to encourage you to ask how this information can be incorporated into your life.

You will understand by the end of these sessions that quantum theory is not about electrons or atoms at all, but about the process of observation. You will see that there is no such thing as “wavefunction collapse” and there are no “multiple worlds” to worry about. Quantum theory is not about Schroedinger’s cat. It is about you, and what you can learn by asking questions.

Once you see what quantum theory is saying, you’ll see that it is not mysterious at all. You’ll also see why it is so successful: because it describes, with uncompromising precision and no room for waffling, what we can learn about the world. It challenges us to stop believing that we know more than we can know. We will discuss how, and even whether, we can meet its challenge in our daily lives.

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Topics will include:

  • Allowing the mind to fully relax
  • Managing thoughts in meditation
  • New approaches to letting go
  • Dissolving the ego-mind
  • Opening to the heart
  • Savoring the stillness of Being
  • Loving your true Self


Chris Fields

Chris Fields wants to understand how systems exchange information, and how information exchange creates the boundaries that separate and distinguish systems from each other. He uses tools from quantum information theory, evolutionary and developmental biology, and cognitive neuroscience. Chris has become convinced that all information exchange, at all scales, can be described with a single set of simple principles. The trick is to figure out which ones.

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Living in a Quantum World

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