Recorded December 30, 2020

End of Year 2020 Community Gathering

Meditation and Reflection Get Together

End of Year Meditation and Reflection with Peter Russell

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It has been a challenging and, at times, deeply disorienting year. Our fragile human world has seen so much upheaval! But in our concern with what is ending and questions about what seems to be beginning, we can lose sight of this precious present moment enveloped in mystery.

In the presence of the unknown, our frightened human mind often grasps for certainty, knowledge, theories, opinions, which in turn produce more righteousness, separation, division, and even hostility.

We invite you to come together and meet beyond our naming minds, listen to silence, feel the aliveness in our bodies, and remember our deep interconnectedness with all living beings.

Peter Russell lead a meditation, settling us back into the calm of our own being. Then we took time to reflect together on the gifts and challenges of the year and the possibilities that are now open before us.


Peter Russell

Originally studying mathematics and theoretical physics, Peter became increasingly interested in the nature of consciousness, and in the late sixties traveled to India, to study meditation and Eastern philosophy. On his return he established a meditation center in Cambridge, England, and went on to pioneer the introduction of personal growth programs to corporations. He is the author of a dozen books, including The Global Brain, Waking Up In Time, and From Science to God, and Seeds of Awakening. At SAND conferences he has led morning meditation sessions that people have found very helpful. For more information on Peter visit:

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