Recorded July 12, 2023

Lines in the Sand

Exploring Authenticity, Kinship,
and Indigenous Ways of Knowing

A Community Gathering with Tyson Yunkaporta

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Join us in conversation with Dr. Tyson Yunkaporta, a distinguished, aboriginal author and visionary founder of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Together explored:

  • What does authenticity mean, and does it have a place in shaping our personal identities and collective narratives?
  • Why is kinship central to Indigenous cultures, and what can we learn from it?
  • How can Indigenous paths to knowledge help us navigate a world dominated by Western paradigms?
  • Why are the practices of deep listening and attunement to the subtle rhythms and patterns of existence important?
  • How to honor and celebrate diversity in a society driven by conformity?
  • Can our interactions become guided by respect and responsibility, rather than purpose and entitlement?
  • What are the effects of the politics of identity, and its shadow, in contemporary society? How can we address them?
  • Can the wisdom embedded in songlines help us rekindle a sense of reverence for the interconnectedness of all beings?

Tyson utilizes Indigenous methods of inquiry to address complex issues contributing to our global crises. Come along and bring your curiosity!

Watch a short talk with Tyson Yunkaporta from The Wandering Winding Way of the Wound:


Tyson Yunkaporta

Tyson Yunkaporta is an academic, an arts critic, and a researcher who is a member of the Apalech Clan in far north Queensland. He carves traditional tools and weapons and also works as a senior lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges at Deakin University in Melbourne. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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