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Living as Presence and Emptiness

A Path to Personal Healing and Embodied Nondual Awakening

A three-part course with Judith Blackstone


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“As fundamental consciousness, we experience ourselves and everything around us as made of empty, radiant, unified consciousness. Our own mind, heart and body are revealed to be, at root, this transparent ground of consciousness.”

In this three-class course, Judith teaches and explains the main practices of the Realization Process, a direct path to embodied, nondual awakening. Through these gentle but powerful practices, you can uncover your true nature–the luminous fundamental consciousness pervading your body and environment as a unity.

As this nondual essence, you become both more alive and present within your body and more open and receptive. You access your innate wellspring of love, happiness and peace. You can heal the emotional wounds that obstruct your intimacy with yourself, with other people, and with everything around you.

The course is experiential. Judith teaches several practices from the Realization Process.



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  • Attune directly to fundamental consciousness
  • Refine your breath, energy and perception
  • Apply fundamental consciousness to personal healing
  • Uncover your authentic nature beyond trauma-based fragmentation and negative beliefs
  • Deepen and unify your capacities for awareness, emotion and physical sensation
  • Stabilize in nondual realization to bring it into your daily life


Judith Blackstone

Judith Blackstone, Ph.D, is an innovative nonduality teacher and psychotherapist. She developed the Realization Process, an embodied approach to psychological and relational healing and nondual realization and teaches workshops and teacher certication trainings throughout the United States and online. She is author of Belonging Here, The Intimate Life, The Enlightenment Process and The Empathic Ground and a six CD series of the Realization Process from Sounds True. Her latest book is Trauma and the Unbound Body: the Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness.

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Living as Presence and Emptiness

A Path to Personal Healing and Embodied Nondual Awakening

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