Recorded June 20, 2019

Living the Fierce and
Tender Wisdom of the Feminine

Conversation with Mirabai Starr and Vera de Chalambert

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As women’s voices rise across the landscape of the human community, from religion and politics to education and the arts, people of all genders are offered a unique opportunity to reclaim feminine values of cooperation, loving kindness, radical embodiment and unapologetic truth-telling. Those of us on a spiritual path simultaneously find ourselves called to step up and invited to take refuge. In this live webinar, mystic scholars, Vera de Chalambert and Mirabai Starr, engage in an intimate and fearless exploration of spiritual awakening and service across the world’s great spiritual traditions, and welcome questions and reflections from participants.


Mirabai Starr

Mirabai Starr is an award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature. She taught Philosophy and World Religions at the University of New Mexico-Taos for 20 years and now teaches and speaks internationally on contemplative practice and inter-spiritual dialog. A certified bereavement counselor, Mirabai helps mourners harness the transformational power of loss. Her youngest daughter, Jenny, was killed in a car accident in 2001 at the age of fourteen. On that same day, Mirabai’s first book, a translation of Dark Night of the Soul, was released. She considers this experience, and the connection between profound loss and longing for God, the ground of her own spiritual life. Her latest book, WILD MERCY: Living the Fierce & Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics, was named one of the “Best Books of 2019” by Spirituality & Practice.  Mirabai is on the 2020 Watkins List of the “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People of the World.” She lives with her extended family in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

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